Coronary Heart Disease

coronary heart disease...Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

Did you know that 42,000 people died prematurely from cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the UK every year?

If you are “lucky” enough to survive a heart attack you would, probably, have had a stent inserted into one of your heart arteries.

You would have had then been given the Standard protocol of medications, including Aspirin, Statin, ACE inhibitors etc.

You will then be told to go away and come back if you have any chest pain or another heart attack.

That’s it! That’s all mainstream conventional medicine can offer.

Did you know that another therapy exists, which may be beneficial to your heart health?

I am not talking about some obscure therapy done by some doctor or scientist in some obscure laboratory somewhere.

The treatment I am referring to is E.D.T.A. Chelation Therapy.

This treatment has been around since the 1960’s and in 1999 a group of doctors went before a committee of the US Congress. Also there has been a 10 years carefully monitored trial on this treatment, conducted by Dr. G. Lamas at Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami, Florida. It is called The T.A.C.T. Trail. It was a large scale, double blind placebo controlled study.

This has shown the treatment to be safe and effective, specially for people with diabetes and heart disease. There is, now, in progress a second trail known as T.A.C.T. 2.

If you have heart disease you must read the link:

We will, in a later post, expand on the treatment and where you can obtain it, including the costs.

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

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