Welcome to Intelligent Vitamins.

We are a premium supplier of vitamins and supplements, aiming to only use the best, natural raw materials to create bio-available, value for money products. We believe in the importance of each person taking responsibility for their own health, and aim for customers who genuinely care about their wellbeing and are prepared to do something about it.

We won’t use gimmicks, misleading adverts, or fancy celebrities to sell our products. These tactics won’t make you look like a Hollywood superstar or a model, they simply add to the price tag you pay. Instead, we’ll offer you best value, research-based products and the science behind these supplements.

What makes us different?

The market for vitamins and supplements is seemingly saturated; you can get any supplement you wish at the click of a button. So, what is the purpose of Intelligent Vitamins?

We want you to be proactive about your health. We understand that taking a pill is not going to solve all health problems, but we also don’t want you to be ignorant of the science behind the benefits you could receive. Eventually we intend to provide an MOT service for your body, giving you the ultimate, physical examination based on blood testing and the latest diagnostic and scanning technology, carried out by some of the most reputable laboratories in the U.K.

What does the future hold?

We hope that in the future we will be able to offer a fully serviced health retreat for our patrons, lasting 2-4 weeks and focusing on weight loss and creating an immersive wellbeing experience. We will also be looking to develop a health subscription-based membership club for our customers who truly wish to take full advantage of our range of products, benefiting from discounts on tests, scans and supplements. In addition we are linked with a company in Birmingham, where vitamins can be administrated y IV drip.

Why undergo screening?

Many people outwardly look healthy; contrastingly, the obituary section of the news is full of successful men and women in the prime of life, many who take great care of their health in accordance with current dietetic theories, smoking and exercise regimes. Yet they still suffer fatal heart attacks prematurely.